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What changes to consider for your 2021 rescheduled wedding

Photography by Maya Kemp

If you have had to postpone and reschedule your wedding from 2020 there are many areas you may now need to rethink.

When you planned your wonderful wedding day for 2020 you will have taken time over your colour theme and flowers, talked through the plans for a large wedding in a venue and what was needed for your Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Wedding. However with the postponements and rescheduling 2021 is looking to be super busy. We are not suggesting you change everything or that you reorder - what we would suggest is talking to those that know the industry and the options the best - our 4Counties Wedding Suppliers.

If you have rescheduled or postponed to 2021 then here is what you may have to rethink;

Stationery - if you need to send our another Save the Date or Postponement or New Venue invite then take a look at our talented creative supplier's who have great offers for these.

Photo courtesy of Pink Peony Stationery

Flowers - with a different season brings different flowers that will be available - talk to your florist and find out what would work for your new date. Look at alternatives or add foliage, or consider a variety that will be in season and available. With Brexit looming over us, florists in the UK are yet to find out exactly how that will impact their European deliveries - our 4C suppliers are the perfect people to talk to about your floral requirements

Themes and Styles - are your chosen styles and designs fitting for the new date? An original March wedding with daffodil yellow may not be what you want in November. Talk to your decor prop hire company, talk to your stylist to get alternative ideas. Our suppliers have lots of experience and are well placed to advice.

Venue - you may have lost your venue with the reschedule of dates due to the venue already being booked, some venues have not made it through this really difficult and challenging time others are offering different locations on their site so what would have been inside the venue may now be in a marquee. Consider the options by talking it through with the venue team - or if they are furloughed or working on a skeleton team - talk to your wedding planner or stylist. Do you need to rebook/book accommodation for family and friends travelling further - talk to the venue or local hotels to see their options for booking for wedding guests under the current circumstances.

Photo courtesy of The Blue Rinse Band

Entertainment - all the superb entertainers we have on the 4C Directory are ready to get back to what they do brilliantly - and that is to perform for you and your guest - however they will be very much in demand once restrictions allow them to work freely - our advice is to start those conversations now - talk to the DJ's , musicians, entertainers and see what they have available. Don't leave it to chance or the last moment.

Photo courtesy of Mels Cakes and Bakes

Cake - These are the Tiers you want to talk about! If your guest numbers have adapted to your new date either higher of lower do you need to reconsider the number of tiers for your cake? We all love cake so never scrimp - talk to the talented cake makers and designers to see what they would suggest.

Celebrant - this may not have been something you considered before - so take a look at our Celebrants and ask them the questions you have. They offer a very personalised ceremony that can suit your needs - whether that is small and intimate or large and powerful or even remotely. They too will be in high demand and can only be in one place at a time. So start now.

Transport - do you now need transport to get you, and your guests, to the church or venue on time? This could be something you didn't need before however with a new venue or location or new season then check out the transport options we have on the 4C.

Food and drink - will the food you've booked now fit the venue or seasonal change you have had to make ? Do you still want a pumpkin pie in June? Or a chilled soup in December?

Talk to the caterers to discuss seasonal ingredients and recipes. Consider a funky food van.

Special Touches - with the extra time you've had (or been forced on you) you may have had time to save a little more - consider some of the wonderful added extras you can now afford. For example; a Toastmaster, Joey the Confetti Pony (cute alert), a live band, magician, a sequin back drop or balloon arch maybe a vintage outdoor games or dove release.

Photography and Videography - with a change in budget you may be able to add some additional services from your photographer or videographer - talk to yours to see what they can suggest.

Photo courtesy of Chimney Formal Menswear

Dress and Suits - what would have been a tweed suit and a long sleeved lined dress for your winter wedding may now need to be reconsidered for your new July date. There are so many fab options available so take a look at our suppliers. Maybe a slight change by a seamstress or adaptation with the suit could be all you need. Do you bridesmaids or flower girls need a wrap or coat if the date has not changed? Check out our suppliers accessories to see how to Spring or Winter up your dress or suit.

Wedding Planners - if all the changes are too much to handle - remember a wedding planner will coordinate all of this for you. A conversation with one of our Wedding Planners will be able to answer any questions and put your mind at rest. You can then hand over and enjoy the extra time and pressure you will have.

Hair and Make Up - if you have been thinking of keeping your long hair down for your Autumn wedding but now a date if August means you can now consider an up do, talk to your hairstylist who will have the experience and knowledge to advice you of what would work for you. Make up too can be adjusted to suit the season, different brands or products may be all you need - again talk to the professionals who have all the answers.

As you can see all changes are easily doable - and you will still have the perfect wedding day you dreamed of. The main advice is to talk to your wedding suppliers and trust their advice.

Whenever you wedding is - we send our best wishes.

And remember our supplier's are here for you.


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