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Updated: May 27, 2020

By Janine Waterfall.

Now that you’re engaged I’m sure you’re feeling every type of emotion possible and probably feeling a bit overwhelmed, but mainly EXCITED!!! You’re about to marry the person you love and that is special!

The secret to great planning, is to stay as organised as you can. We understand that the ideal scenario for planning a wedding would be to have 12 months off work, get plenty of beauty sleep and get paid more than you usually do along the way, however this is unlikely to happen! So we are here to help you!

Why are 'Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timelines' so good?

A Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline will help you to remain organised, plan ahead, avoid forgetting things and keep the stress low! They are one big ‘to-do’ list because quite frankly, if it’s your first time getting married how are you suppose to know! Writing this yourself would be super challenging, time-consuming and stressful.

It’s never to late to start (so if you’re half way still jump right in) but the experts recommend to start planning from about 12-14 months before your wedding.

May 2020 Update: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist has a new version - Check it out below!

Janine Waterfall is a Director at Waterfall Wedding Decor Limited:


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