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Create your wedding hashtag

Over 50% of all weddings now have their own personal hashtag. With the massive rise in Instagram users the popularity of wedding hashtags has grown too.

Couples are getting creative with their first names, nicknames, the wedding venue, the date and special hobbies or quotes to create a personalised hashtag for their wedding day.

You can use them on everything from save the days and invitations to decorations around the venue on your wedding day. Even after your special day you'll get to see all your guests photos that you are tagged in on social media.

Things to consider

>Having a funny or cute hashtag will make it more likely for your guests to remember.

>The easier it is to write, the quicker it is for your guests to use. So keep it simple – nothing too long or complicated.

>Cap the first letter of every new word in the hashtag (#LoveInLondon is better than #loveinlondon)

>Don't pick more than 1 or 2 hashtags – you don't want to confuse your guests especially when they are 'merry'!

>You could pick a separate hashtag for the hen/stag although you may find it needs a sensible friend to moderate.

>Know your 'audience' – don't pick something hilariously funny to you that could offend your older or younger guests.

> Once you have a list of your favourites or even your chosen hashtag, check if it has been used before. A quick search on social media will show up any previously used. It is rare but it's best to know before and you could make a small adjustment or add an emoji to differentiate.

> Put a chalkboard, or framed sign or cards on the table so guests know which hashtag to use. Our Directory Suppliers can help you with this – take a look a the 'Stationery' or the 'Decor & Styling' sections

If you'd prefer to get some ideas created for you then you can use an online generator. Here are a few;

A personalised hashtag created by writers.

2. Wedding Hashtag Generator - Wedding Hashtag Generator

With basic information it can create your hashtag. They have a Disney and Star Wars option too.

Does what it says on the tin!

Offer lots of options for names and even a free downloadable workbook with 50 fun wedding hashtags Wedding Hashtag Worksheet (

There are lots of way to make your wedding unique - check out our Special Touches and Music & Entertainment section for suppliers or read our blog post What changes to consider for your 2021 rescheduled wedding (


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